Alien, comic book and cartoon men I think are hot!

Zorak - What a babe! Wish I was one of his fly honey's! What an exoskeleton! What I'd do to it!
Nightcrawler - I really have this thing for blue men with prehensile tails!
The only human to make the list. Why you may ask. Well, I don't really want to do John Crichton. But he is extremely cool and desearves the shout out! After all he is really the alien of the show. All the crap has driven him freakin insane. I totally sympathize.
Desslok - As I said, I like blue men. He's pretty hot for an evil dictator. And he has a hot tub, too!
Spawn - in all his demonic splendor! I hear demons can do it for centuries!
Johnny Bravo - Actually my roomate Marie's love!
Cthulhu - It's an elder thing, you wouldn't understand.
Pansafredicopigog, Fred for short. Another babe with a tail and he's a kick ass thief too!

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