Iím tired.

Your next response may be to go get some rest. I tried that. It didnít work. I also tried diet and exercise. I am still tired. I think it is because I am so bitter. I am bitter over what are most likely very petty reasons. I am tired and bitter about seeing bad people succeed with no talent or ethics, while I struggle, work hard, and I canít seem to get ahead. They say it takes money to make money, and that it is all who you know, however, that is not helping me any. But his isnít about me whining about money again. No! This is about, me whining about people who annoy me again.

Like the people†who produce and are in shows like†"Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." I would say I hate this type of show more than the sound of nails on a chalkboard and a paper cut on the tongue, because it is many times more irritating and painful.

Let me get the premise here. Lets show regular folks, who thanklessly toil for a buck daily just to eat, how retards who canít spell their name, never mind hold down a real job, make millions of dollars because they were discovered to either look good, or string together some rhyming words and make a hit song around it. I can make rhymes. Hereís one:

I hate rich folk,

and their large boats,

drown them all in a moat,

while I steal their goats.

Well you get the idea.† Now I did not get a yacht or million-dollar home from doing that. But some people do that. And then they show them on TV as if to say "Hey dumbass, check out this guy. He has all the money you will never have. Look at all his stuff. You will never have any of this. Isnít it beautiful?" Now as those who care about me have pointed out, those people with all the cash are miserable anyway. This is true. You hear them all the time suffering in their psycho-dramas. I donít know why. Maybe they just are too focused on something that they donít have to see what they do have.†I don't know. I am not even sure I care why they suffer.† I just want to see them instantaneously sent to the bad place with their 50 cars shoved up their ass.† I want a little†instant karma once in a while.† It would really help people†learn from their mistakes.†I mean instant karma like people who maliciously cut you off on the road, bursting into flames once they are out of your way. But I digress.†

There are too many of these shows about people with too much money.† Do I really want to watch a show about two spoiled rich chicks on a farm?† No.† What they call roughing it, is probably paradise to millions of people.† I mean all those people living in the street with no food would LOVE to have a warm bed on a farm somewhere.† Hell, I think I would enjoy living on a farm.† I hate the producers of that show.† I put a curse on them to have to live in a place with paper thin walls, 20 upstairs basketball playing neighbors†crammed into†one room†and moldy bathtubs.† No evil on me (7x).† (Don't ask.)

So what would be a better show?† How about "Defend your talent."† This would be a show where filthy rich stars would be challenged to prove that their talent warranted all the money and fame that they have.†

The premise is simple, defend your talent or give up everything, live in a efficiency apartment and work in a burger joint.† Actors would have to act a scene they never saw, musical acts would have to compose and perform a new song, and models would have to come out without any body makeup to prove that they are not airbrushed in every photo.† There would be a panel of regular people who would vote on whether the star deserved their fortune and fame or if they should go to fry chef school for Burgerolio Grease Land. Anyone who would refuse to go on the show would lose all credibility and never be respected as an artist again. Your only defense would be to learn how to do what you make money at, before it's your turn to be a contestant. I say people would instantly be drafted as contestants the minute a movie they make flops or their album gets sucky reviews. This would really keep artists on their toes. The losers could appeal after a 6 month to a year of hard labor.

Now that's a reality show I can get behind!