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Corporate Curiosities.

Hair Styles

Free Fun Stuff.

Internet Hazards.

Plant advice.

The Birds and Bees.

Unpopular positions.

The return of the Fulchau.

More joyful happy musings.

Career change.

My ass?

Car spotting.

Home Invasion.


Weird mysteries of the universe.

A day without an alien.

Where did the love go?

The Funky Fork Fiasco

More Sandwich issues

Soda Tales

Unsolved mysteries.

Defend your talent!

Ho-ho-ho! Merry.... whatever.....

What does this mean? Language and legislation. Welcome to 1984, just 20 years late.

Just when you thought music videos were safe again.

Of all things upsetting.

Evil people and the pain I must endure.

My rant on Steps and the evil video I was forced to watch.



Scientists say



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