So I go to subway for lunch. October is "Roast beef month". I go up to the counter and say, "I must have the sandwich of the month. I will have a roast beef on wheat."

The lady behind the counter asks, "Roast beef? Would you like cheese on that?".

"Yes." I respond. And I watch as she puts the minuscule slices of processed pasteurized American cheese food on my sandwich. Then the shocking part happens. She starts making me a seafood salad sandwich. I think to myself how completely bizarre this is. Should I complain, or has fate stepped in and made this woman prepare seafood salad, knowing that somehow having roast beef might cause me harm. I decide to just go for the seafood salad, because, hey you just never know. Then she asks me something unintelligible 3 times, I just say "no" the final time to end the cycle of pain and move on. I have been to this place dozens of times and I am not sure what happened this time. This is not a new employee, she has professionally prepared me many sandwiches. I just don't get it.

Seafood Salid