Crop CircleScientists say "Crop Circles Cause Packet Loss!"


Bolivian scientists today announced that a 8 month study concluded that there is a strong correlation between the appearance of crop circles and the loss of data on the internet.  Expert Professor Científico Malvado discovered the phenomenon while logged into Bolivia Online.  He said first he saw blinking lights and then his live stream of “hot goat action” started dropping frames.  “At first,” says Malvado.  “I thought this was just a matter of congestion.  However, after seeing the crop circle outside the next day I put two and two together. Not only do these UFO’s cause packet loss, but also it seems that aliens like pornography.  Whenever I go on the internet now, pornography banners automatically show up on my screen!”  Malvado now expanded his research to include the connection between internet pornography and alien visitors.  “One thing is certain.” He explains. “Aliens would find a great deal of material!”